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School of Graduate Studies Events

Estimating stand age from airborne laser scanning data to improve ecosite-based models of black spruce wood quality in the boreal forest of Ontario

Rebecca Wylie

Master of Environmental Sciences

Committee Members

Dr. Jeff Dech, Supervisor
Mr. Murray Woods, Committee Member
Dr. John Kovacs, Committee Member
Mr. Adam Dick, External Examiner


[A study of traditional harvesting practices and their effects on the perceived mental health of Indigenous youth in the James Bay area]

Paige Linklater-Wong

Master of Environmental Studies

Thesis Committee Members

Dr. Kirsten Greer, Co-Supervisor
Dr. Renee Bedard, Co-Supervisor (Western University)
Dr. Cindy Peltier, Committee Member
Dr. Deborah McGregor, External Examiner (York University)

The Potential Influence of Environmental Variables on Spatial and Temporal Crime Patterns in a Small Canadian City: 

A Case Study in North Bay, Ontario, Using Call-for-Service Data, 2015-2018

Ysabel Castle

Master of Environmental Science

Thesis Committee Members

Dr. John Kovacs, Supervisor
Dr. David Zarifa, Committee Member
Dr. Chunhua Zhang, External Examiner (Algoma University)

Understanding Sport, Physical Activity and Wholistic Health in First Nations Youth

Kieran Peltier, Master of Science in Kinesiology

Thesis Committee Members

Dr. Mark Bruner, Supervisor
Dr. Brenda Bruner, Committee Member
Dr. Cindy Peltier, Committee Member
Dr. Tara-Leigh McHugh, External Examiner (University of Alberta)