Emeritus Designations

The designation of Emeritus / Emerita is provided to a faculty member in recognition of distinguished service to the University, while maintaining a celebratory record of scholarly service to their discipline and profession. At this time, it is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Maria Cantilini-Williams has received the designation of Professor Emerita.

President & Vice-Chancellor, Mike DeGagné, Convocation 2019

Governor Emeritus

Dr. Herbert Brown 2012

President Emeritus

Dr. David Marshall 2012
Dr. George Zytaruk 2011

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Maria Cantalini-Williams 2019
Professor Ken Stange 2013
Dr. Keith Topps 2012
Dr. Helen Langford 2012
Professor Jack Jones 2012
Professor Stan Lawlor 2012
Dr. Norbert Schuldes 2011
Professor Charlotte Ames 2011
Dr. Ted Chase 2010
Dr. David Rees 2002
Dr. Elizabeth Thorn 2001
Dr. George Zytaruk 1997