Community Relations

Community Relations

(Sub-Committee of the Board of Governors)

The Community Relations Committee is responsible to the Board for setting policy that will guide the administration in the areas of public relations, community affairs, alumni liaisons, communications strategies, intergovernmental affairs, media relations, and reputational matters.

Mandate / Terms of Reference

  1. To meet in September to develop a brief annual work plan for presentation to the Executive Committee.
  2. To select a Vice-Chair from the non-constituent members of the committee to take place at the first committee meeting of the new academic year.
  3. To assist in interpreting the objectives of the Strategic Plan as they relate to community relations.
  4. To provide guidance and assistance to the Board in strategic communications and on ethical issues pertaining to the brand and reputation of the University.
  5. To provide advice to the Board in all matters pertaining to alumni relations, communications, government relations, and public relations.
  6. Under the guidance of the Office of External Relations and Advancement, be actively engaged in the development and stewardship of linkages to community and alumni activities.
  7. Advise the University on the cultivation of cultural, economic and social links with its surrounding communities to enhance external relations and university outreach.
  8. Consider long term demographic trends and changes to inform the university’s relationship with its communities.
  9. 9. Receive and advise the University on strategic enrolment and recruitment plans as they pertain to community relations.
  10. Report to the Board on the status of community relations.
  11. To help the University Governance Committee in the identification of potential Board Members that could strategically fulfill the needs of the Board.
  12. To assist in strengthening Town & Gown initiatives in the community.
  13. To prepare an annual report for submission to the Board for approval at the June Board meeting.


Committee Membership Format

  • A minimum of two to a maximum of four non-constituent Board Members
  • One Faculty Board Member
  • One Student Board Member
  • One Full-time non-academic Board Member
  • Mayor or designate
  • Alumni Board Member
  • Aboriginal Council on Education Member
  • Chair of the Board
  • President & Vice-Chancellor
  • Chancellor
  • Vice-Presidents (non-voting)
  • One Student Official Observer (non-voting)
  • Up to three community members (non-voting)
  • Resource personnel as required (non-voting)

Current Committee Members

  • K. Neubert, Committee Chair 
  • F. Couchie
  • J. Smith
  • K. Ferguson
  • R. Hehn
  • D. Goulard
  • D. Shogren
  • J. Nighbor
  • R. Jawbone
  • T. Palangio, Board Chair ​
  • M. DeGagné, President & Vice-Chancellor 
  • P. Cook, Chancellor 
  • A. Vainio-Mattila (non-voting) 
  • C. Sutton (non-voting) 
  • X. Winter, Student Observer (non-voting) 


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